from and made of parts unknown


Mr. Bones, again. Radical Raptors. He looks and sounds like a feathered dragon and thinks Dennis Robson is his Mommy. Love this guy!


I want to believe

screams with friends who don t e ven KNOW phee about how perfect PHEE is


the moons gay as we all know but what about storm clouds. like really big dark ominous rolling clouds approaching on the horizon i think thats like.the most lesbian thing i can think of


i really had to show you all this commercial

i know words are hard but sometimes kennon says a thing that hits home so good and I think about it for days

people saying they’re looking for trans neopets in their board titles when they mean transparent really throws me off

nikita’s dog called me something MEAN


on the keyboard

with her little paws

so rude

Danny Elfman - Fireside Dance
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Title: Fireside Dance
Artist: Danny Elfman
Album: Oz the Great and Powerful (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)